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We have a spokesperson policy that delegates contact with the press to certain company executives who have specific knowledge of the topics requested by the press.

Funcionarios Flavio 2023 1 Press Room
Flavio Pavanelli (CEO / Director)
Funcionarios Emilio 2023 1 Press Room
Emilio Pavanelli (Engineering Director)
Funcionarios Marcio 2023 1 Press Room
Marcio Pavanelli (Legal Director)
Funcionarios Karolmarca nova 1 Press Room
Karoline Gargan (Administrative Analyst) 
Funcionarios Matheus 1 Press Room
Matheus Amaral (Marketing Analyst)

About Vieira Mills

Mills Vieira currently specializes in the manufacture of hammer mills and has been developing innovative solutions to meet the demands of the food industry in terms of grain milling, cereal formulations and reprocessing.
Present for more than 75 years in the main industries of the human food sector, in the last 25 years it has been strongly serving the Pet Food segment, due to the micronization capacity that its mills have, proportionally an excellent finish in the grinding of pre-mix formulations.
In the 2024/2025 biennium, Mills Vieira, a company already consolidated in the national market in the industrial segment, will seek to establish itself as a leading brand in equipment for grinding grains, cereals and spices.

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