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Hammers for mills are metal parts that, when attached to a milling rotor, enable the desired product to be broken down and micronized.

It is one of the most important spare parts for those who work with hammer mills, as hammer milling is widely used in the human food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, as well as pet food companies that work with animal feed. They are very cost-effective and easy to install.

The mills manufactured by Moinhos Vieira use grinding hammers throughout their range of equipment. Depending on the application, these hammers can be made from special steels or even undergo various heat treatments for greater durability against abrasive wear, thus enabling a longer service life for this spare part.

Moinhos Vieira also manufactures hammers for other manufacturers’ mills in a wide range of sizes. In addition to having a laboratory with a WPM Durometer, today we are able to determine the different degrees of HRC hardness through specific analyses and standardize the batches sent to our customers.

Through a partnership with SGS do Brasil, a world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification, Moinhos Vieira is able to assess the quality of the hammer and guarantee a quality standard in the manufacture of these third-party hammers, maintaining or even improving the characteristics of these parts, due to the excellent analyses carried out.

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Hammers for mills

Specifications of our hammers for Mills

We manufacture hammers for any model of hammer mill.

Steel's Chemical Composition
Analisamos quimicamente a comWe chemically analyze the composition of the steels we use to manufacture our hammersposição dos aços que utilizamos para fabricação do nossos martelos 100%
Metallographic analyses are carried out on each batch of hammers produced to guarantee the quality standard delivered to the customer 100%
Surface Hardness
We carry out Rockwell hardness tests in accordance with standards and standardized procedures 100%
Micro-hardness test with layer depth
We measure the surface hardness of hammers. This is useful for applications such as heat-treated hammers for mills 100%


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