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Parts For Mills

Parts for mills

Hammer mill parts are fundamental components for ensuring the efficiency and safety of the grinding process. Here are some of the most common hammer mill parts:
Hammers: These are responsible for crushing the material and need to be made from high-quality materials to ensure a long service life. They are usually made of steel or other highly wear-resistant materials.
Grinding screen: Controls the size of the ground material. It must be manufactured precisely to ensure a consistent size of the ground material.
Lining plates:
Protect the inside of the mill from wear and corrosion. They must be made of resistant and durable materials.
Shafts: Support the weight of the hammer and need to be made of strong, resistant materials.
Bearings: They allow the shafts to rotate without excessive wear and need to be made from high-quality materials.
In conclusion, hammer mill parts are critical components that ensure the efficient and safe operation of the mill. It is important to choose high-quality parts that are compatible with the specific mill to ensure optimal performance.

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Mill screens are perforated plates which, when coupled to a grinding rotor, make it possible to obtain granulometric patterns, helping to micronize and homogenize the desired product.

It is one of the most important spare parts for those who work with hammer mills, as hammer milling is widely used in the food and feed industry because it is very profitable, as well as being easy to handle and install.

The mills manufactured by Vieira Mills use conical perforated screens throughout their range of equipment. Depending on the application, these perforated screens can be made from 1020 carbon steel and even undergo various heat treatments to increase durability against abrasive wear, allowing the screen to have a longer service life.

Vieira Mills uses conical perforated plate technology because it believes that, in this way, it can maintain the standard for its customers, always offering the best cost-benefit ratio for the milling sector.
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