Mill for Whole Wheat

Mill for Whole Wheat Carbon Steeal
Mill for Whole Wheat

mill for whole wheat

We manufacture small, medium and large industrial mills for whole wheat!

Whole wheat flour’s whole grains, bran, germ and endosperm help prevent heart disease. Our whole wheat flour is an excellent source of dietary fiber that cleanses our bodies of substances that become toxic.

This whole wheat flour has a high protein content that makes it an excellent choice for all types of whole wheat breads, including nutritious sandwich breads, rustic rolls, whole wheat hamburger buns, bagels, pretzels and flatbreads. You can use whole wheat flour for whole-grain treats such as muffins, quick breads, cookies and cereal bars. Foods made from whole wheat flour have a low glycemic index and are absorbed much more slowly by the body, producing a greater feeling of satiety over the course of hours.

Mills Vieira has several customers who use its mills to grind whole wheat.


Below are the options for models of mills for grinding whole wheat.

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