Mill Vieira is a leading manufacturer of hammer mills in the Brazilian market.
Founded in 1948, the company has a long history of innovation and sustainability.

Registro do primeiro Moinho fabricado por Luiz Vieira
One of the First Mills

MR. luiz vieira

The history of Mill Vieira begins in 1948 with its founder, Mr. Luiz Vieira. Vieira was a mechanical technician who believed there was a better way to grind grain. He developed a new type of hammer mill that was more efficient and produced a better quality product. And so Mecânica Vieira was born!

the first customers

The first Mill of the well-known Mecânica Vieira was a success, and he soon began selling his mills to companies that needed milling solutions for grains and cereals. By the end of the 1960s, the mills manufactured by Mr. Luiz Vieira were already serving the main milling companies in the country.

Moinho Vieira Foto Primeiro Moinho Sr Luiz Vieira History
Foto antiga moinho vieira mcd History

The mcd model is born

In the early 1970s, the company grew and began to be called Máquinas Vieira. Mr. Luiz developed a new type of hammer mill that was even more efficient. The Vieira Double Centrifugal Mill (MCD) was born. In 1980, the company began producing hammer mills for grains and cereals for the main food industries throughout Brazil, serving high-growth companies such as Yoki, Seara, Kowalski and Cooperativa Integrada.


The history of Mill Vieira continues when in the mid-1980s, with the retirement of Mr. Luiz Vieira, the company was acquired by engineer Pedro Adilson Pavanelli.

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