Our Mills

complete line of centrifugal hammer mills

We have a complete line of hammer mills to serve your company.

The MCS line of mills are designed for companies looking for small industrial milling equipment, where milling capacity is often limited by electrical power.

The mills of the MCD line, on the other hand, are high performance mills, where industrial production requires a robust mill that meets the production demand.

The MCO model, exclusive equipment of Mills Vieira – Patent Required – is designed for grinding dry products with high fat content in their biomass.

Low production hammer mills - MCS series

Single Centrifugal Mill (MCS) – 190 (03hp)| 280 (05hp) | 350 (10hp)

Mill Vieira MCS 190 (3hp)
Mill Vieira MCS 350 (10hp)
Mill Vieira MCS 280 (5hp)

medium production industrial hammer mills - MCD series

Double Centrifugal Mill (MCD) – 530 (20hp) | 680B (30hp) | 680A (60hp) | 950 (100hp)

Mill Vieira MCD 530 (20hp)
Mill Vieira MCD 680B (30hp)
Mill Vieira MCD 680A (60hp)
Mill Vieira MCD 950 (100hp)

Industrial Mills for Oil Products - MCO Series

Industrial Mills for Oleaginous Products (MCO) – 260 (05hp) | 520 (12,5hp)

Mill Vieira MCO 260 (5hp)
Mill Vieira MCO 520 (12hp)
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